Every business collects, stores and holds data both sensitive, personal and legal. Most of this data will be stored electronically, but can also contain physical records. At the very lowest level in electronic systems there are the applications that run on mobile smart devices for communication, desktops with customer CRMs, accounting and communication software which might be on laptops. Modern businesses have moved from the office and now we carry data with us, or work from home.

This presents businesses with a variety of data and security concerns, and understanding your approach to how you secure the data your business needs and where it is stored or accessed from is important.

There are some questions that you should already be asking yourself:

Do you know how your systems are secured?
Do you have good processes for accessing the systems?
Do you follow the changing best practices for securing your data and systems?
Do you know what those practices are?

It seems that every day there is another story about a data breach with the associated security concerns and threats to individuals. Increasing numbers of targetted assaults on large companies, ever increasing numbers of rogue software and phishing scams. Having a strategy to deal with this may be out of the reach of many organisations. Navigating the myraid of solutions may seem like a monumental task that will be impossible to complete. At the same time you need to act to make sure you are compliant with lesiglation to ensure your business processes are acceptable and affordable.

Shadowcat Systems has many years of experience in dealing with access and storing of data. We write about changes in data rules and about security and we can help your organisation move towards a better data and security strategy. We can help you to do a strategic analysis of your organisation and identify the steps you need to take to mitigate risk and observe legislative requirements.

Shadowcat doesn’t offer a single-solution or claim to make you and percentage compliant with legislation. This isn’t about insuring you against risk but evolving your organisation to observe best practice which should make you compliant with legislation.

We believe companies are individual and that our best role is to help them implement a solution that matches their business. This takes into consideration your employees, practices, implementation and cost.

We don’t offer a catch all solution that will often catch nothing.

Talk to us today and learn how you can move towards being responsible and more secure in this challenging environment.

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