Shadowcat’s Registrar Services

Shadowcat Systems is a UK Registrar with the ability to manage and register names with the United Kingdom’s Nominet Domain Registration Service and portals.

Our normal trading sees us use this service to register our own domain names for personal usage, or software clients names, used during development, that are then transferred to the registrant of their choice on completion of a project.

Shadowcat Systems does not register and use domain names on behalf of individuals, companies or clients on an on-going basis.

We do use and develop automated systems for the management of domain names and this is used by a number of UK resellers who register names under the Shadowcat Tag before being transferred to other Registrants vis the Nominet Online Portal.

We do not sell, manage, or offer domain names ourselves for sale. However if you have purchased a name, from one of our resellers. Or believe a name has been transferred without your consent, or in a manner not conversant with the rules and guidelines identified by Nominet in the Terms and Conditions then please contact us immediately and we will investigate your claim.

Contacting us

If you have a query you can contact Shadowcat Systems and we will be glad to talk to you and help clarify and issues you might have. We can be reached in a number of ways, detailed below, including a form from this webpage. If you feel that you have been subjected to any form of abuse, whether it be from phishing, scam, spam, or other then please contact us immediately and we will investigate your claims and take appropriate action.

You can contact us using the form on the front page of the Shadowcat site. You can also email the nature of your complaint. We will endeavour to reply to you within 72 hours by mail.

You can also visit our about on this site which has a number of other useful links and numbers or ring the telephone number at the top of every page of this site.

If you wish to report an issue you can use the online form, please note that this form can be used to raise any type of concern you may have or just to make a general enquiry. Please provide as much detail as possible and if reporting an abuse please indicate the nature of the compaint in the first paragraph of your communication.